Showings in Representation Elections

A.  Every petition filed in accordance with Rule 6, concerning certification of a labor organization, the determination of an appropriate bargaining unit, or requesting an election and every petition filed in accordance with Rule 9 concerning a determination of whether a labor organization shall cease to be the representative of a bargaining unit, shall be accompanied by a showing of interest which shall:

1. Be signed by at least 30% of the employees in the unitclaimed to be appropriate;

2. Show the date of each signature; and

3. Be transmitted only to the Commission as set out in Rule 5D.

B. The Clerk shall accept as evidence for the requisite 30% showing of interest any of the following:

1. Unrevoked dues deduction authorizations or dues deduction revocations as the case may be;

2. Other evidence of current membership;

3. Original authorization cards or petitions signed and dated within 90 days of the date of submission;

4. Any combination of the three.

C.  The evidence of the requisite showing of interest shall be accompanied by an alphabetized, typed list of the names submitted.

D.  The petitioner shall also submit with any request for an election a statement specifying the number of employees in the bargaining unit claimed appropriate as of the date of submission.

E.  The Clerk shall, upon receipt of a petition for election and accompanying evidence and statement of the number of employees in the claimed appropriate bargaining unit (1) advise the employer that it has ten days to submit a typed, alphabetized list of its employees in the claimed unit as of the date of petition filing or nearest payroll date thereto, and (2) direct the employer within five days to post on all bulletin boards normally used to communicate with employees a notice furnished by the Clerk, to be reproduced by the employer, which shall contain: (a) the name of the petitioner; (b) a specification of the bargaining unit claimed appropriate or the existing bargaining unit in decertification cases; (c) a statement that any employee within the bargaining unit or any interested labor organization may appear or state an interest in the proceedings at any time within 14 business days from the date of the notice; and (d) the address of the Clerk to which communications should be directed. The notice required to be posted herein shall remain displayed until the first hearing. The employer shall certify in its answer its compliance with the directive of the Clerk as to posting notice.

F.  The Clerk shall enter an order for the Commission dismissing any petition for election which the Clerk finds is not supported by the requisite 30% showing of interest.

G. The petitioner shall have five (5) business days in which to file objections to the employer's list provided under Rule 10(E)(1) above. After receiving any such objections, the Commission may hold an evidentiary hearing or request affidavits on the issues.